The Color of Your Heart

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I had the good fortune of witnessing a thought provoking conversation between my children this morning.  They were having a civil conversation about the color of each other’s hearts.  My daughter told my son that his heart was red and had some black spots on it because, she said, he could be mean.  My son, the oldest of the two, told my daughter the same.  That her heart had black spots on it too but it was because she was annoying.

I asked each of them what color they thought their own hearts were and they both said red and blue, like the images they had seen of the heart.  Then, I asked them what color my heart was.  My son replied that mine was pink and yellow.  He said that pink means happiness and yellow means kindness.

This melted my pink and yellow heart.

Years ago, he wouldn’t have chosen pink and yellow, because I was anything but happy.  I could ponder that…what color would my heart have been?  Instead I choose to relish in the fact that my son.  The old soul.  The one who reads me like a book.  Sees me, his mother, as happy and kind.

So grateful to the woman I was 6 years ago!  All of this work that I have done.  All of the tearing down what wasn’t working and building up what does.  The dismantling of my old life to create something new and beautiful.  It was all worth it!

What about you?  What color is your heart?

Discover. Empower. Balance.

Shine Brightly,


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For This I Came


Have you ever felt as if there was more for you in this life but you just couldn’t figure out what it was?  Me too.  I spent most of my adult life seeking, studying and analyzing.  Looking outside of myself for the answers.

I spent much of that time thinking…

  • after I get the ideal job I will…
  • after I get my health in order I will…
  • after I get my finances figured out I will…

And, now I understand that purpose doesn’t mean that there is one grand plan for life here on Earth.  That I am here to accomplish just one thing.

I finally get it.  Life is to be lived.  NOW!  I am here to live my joy in this moment.

I discovered that purpose is more about living fully, doing what brings me life.  Rather than searching for purpose, I could have been living on purpose.  And, enjoying life along the way.

I discovered that I can use my imagination to try on different roles, different scenarios.  I listen to the still, small, ever present, ever wise voice inside of me.  And, see how they feel.  I do the expansion/contraction test.  Does this bring me life or does it feel constrictive?  If it brings me life I know that I am on the right track.

Why are you here?  What lights you up?  What would you love to be or do or have?


Discover. Empower. Balance.

Shine Brightly,


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A Magic Wand


What kind of life would YOU love living?  YOU!  Not your family.  Not your friends.  Not society.


If you had a magic wand.  What would you create for yourself?  What would your life look like?

What would YOU love?

What brings YOU life?

What do YOU want to do or be or have in this life?

Think about it…really…let your imagination run wild…

Most of us, when we think about what we really want, start with what we think would fit into our lives based on:

our credentials

family expectations

societal expectations

our present circumstances

the economy

our bank account…

It’s time to start asking different questions, bigger questions.

Howard Thurman advised “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Your desires are as unique as your thumbprint.

What do YOU desire?

What would fill YOU to the brim?

What would your life look like?

your health and well-being

your relationships

your vocation and/or creative expression in the world

your time/money freedom

What would you love to be or do or have or create or experience?

And what else and what else and what else…

Discover. Empower. Balance.

Shine Brightly,


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Many of us spend a lifetime in search of our passion.  Looking outside of ourselves for the answers.

I met a man once who was in his seventies.  He confided that he had spent the past 40 years in search of “it”, his passion, his purpose in this life.  He was tired and he was depressed.  I could completely relate.  I had spent most of my own life doing the same thing.

In truth, we have everything we need inside of us.  It’s all here, just waiting for acknowledgement, acceptance.

So, start with why.  Learning your why can be as simple as listening to your longings and discontent.  They are a gift, a message, a sign from your deepest Self.  From that part of you that is connected to all that is.

There is a purpose for your life.  You were chosen to be here, on this Earth, at this time.  You are here for a reason.  That reason lies deep within your heart.

What are your longings and discontent?

What do you desire?

What is your why?

You have all that is needed to bring it to life.  Opportunity will present itself as you live into your why.  Make space for it now so that you are ready when it comes knocking.

Discover. Empower. Balance.

Wishing you well,


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Do you remember when you were young?   When you used your imagination to try on possible futures?

Maybe you were belting out your favorite song to thousands of fans.

Maybe you were bouncing across the surface of the moon.

Maybe you were flying high above the fields watching the sunset.

There was a time when we let our imaginations run wild with possibility.  We stepped into different imaginary lives.  We lived inside those lives, testing them out, returning to the ones that felt right and discarding the ones that didn’t.

Over time, though, we were trained in a way of being called condition based thinking where we let our 5 senses and our circumstances determine what we can and cannot do in life.  We let our checkbook, our calendar, our families and our circumstances rule.

We looked to those conditions because we were trained to.  We were told to straighten up and stop day dreaming.  Learn these facts.  Eventually, our dreams were stunted, squashed, left as distant memories.

But, what if, just for a moment, you allowed yourself to explore possibility?  To dream.  To listen to that deepest part of you that has been vying for your attention through your longings and discontent?

What if it was not impossible?  What if age, sex, time, money, circumstances didn’t matter?

What would you do?

What would you be?

What would you give?

What would you create?

What would you love?

The possibilities are endless…


Discover. Empower. Balance.

Wishing you well,


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Shining Your Light


Are you shining your light?  I mean really shining the light of who you truly are?

If you’re not sure, take a close look at your life.  What you are attracting?

Take a look at the people, the opportunities, the ideas that come your way.  Are they reflective of who you are deep down at the core of your being?

Do you even know who you are at the core of your being?  Do you know what your core values are?  If not, ask yourself this question.  At the end of your life.   What will matter most?

Maybe you know exactly what your core values are.  Are your actions in line with them?  Or is there some disharmony there?

What could you do to align your actions with your core values?  What is one action you could take today?

Try this:

  • Fold a piece of paper in half
  • Make a list of core values on the left
  • Edit them. Cross out the ones that aren’t really yours.  (many of our values are acquired from childhood, relationships, society)
  • For each core value, write down an action step to support that core value on the right.  Ex. If family is a core value, your action step may be to secure family time on your calendar
  • Choose one core value and take that action step

So, start aligning Mama.  Your light will begin to shine brilliantly once your actions align with your core values.  Let your children witness the brilliance of their #1 model.  It will give them permission to shine too.


Wishing you well,



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What Brings You Life?

teleworkshop pic (640x453)

What kind of life would YOU love living?  YOU.  Not your family.  Not your friends.  Not the media.  YOU!

What would YOU love?

What brings YOU life?

What do YOU want to do or create or be in this life?

Think about it…really…let your imagination run wild…

Most of us, when we think about what we really want, start with what we think we could do, what we should do, what our present circumstances allow, what the economy is doing, what our bank account says…

It’s time to start asking different questions, bigger questions.

What do YOU desire?

What would fill YOU to the brim?

What would a wealthy life look like to YOU?  Wealth is not just about money.  Merriam-Webster defines wealth as abundant supply.  We can have wealth in any area of life.  We can be wealthy in health, wealthy in time, wealthy in love, wealthy in support…

Designing a wealthy life begins with knowing what you really want

What do you desire?

And what else and what else and what else…


Wishing you well,


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Little Eyes, Ears and Hearts

Your life is a personal lesson. For everyone else it is a loud example.  Richelle E. Goodrich


Have you ever watched your children play or listened to their conversations?  Chances are you noticed a lot of yourself in those precious moments.  Sometimes our hearts swell with pride and other times, we are not so pleased with what we are unintentionally sharing with them.

We have an opportunity here, a gift. A gift that will last a lifetime. We can choose to model our best self for our children. We can choose to model the hero’s journey over the victim’s journey, the high road over the low road. We can choose to live authentic, empowered, balanced lives.  We have choice, always.

Our children are learning how to navigate through life by watching us. They are carefully tuned into us, their teachers, for direction. It is up to us to model what we’d most like to see.

It won’t be perfect, sometimes it will be frustrating as hell, we may not see it until they are in their thirties but by reaching deep within ourselves we are giving our children an immeasurable gift and the beginnings of a new legacy.

Little eyes, ears and hearts are always watching.  Let them see the best version of you.

Wishing you well.


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“We Can’t Redo Life Mommy”

A Six Year Old’s Words of Wisdom

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

My son, who was born at least 40 years old, said this when he was 5 or 6.  I have spent the past 8 years writing quotes from my children on scrap pieces of paper to do what with I am not quite sure but this quote, “we can’t redo life mommy”, is posted on my wall so I can see it every morning when I wake.  He has surprised me from the moment he started talking with the depth of his thinking and the insight he brings to my world.  His first word was clock.  Not mum or dada or dog or tat, but clock?!?

I can’t remember the context from which the quote came but I do remember the impact.  Have I lived?  If I were to die tomorrow or 50 years from now for that matter, how would I want to be remembered by my children?  How did my life impact them and how did my life impact their children?  Will they want to follow in my footsteps or will I be a faint memory of brown hair and blue eyes?

As I pondered this quote I made a list of all of the ways I’d like to be remembered… as a loving, happy, present, caring, compassionate, patient, wise, strong, playful, fun, funny, forgiving, grateful, giving, tender mother who makes a difference in the lives she touches. Most importantly, though, I want to be remembered as a mother who loved her life.  I want to be an inspiration to my children to love their lives.  This might have been the moment when I started breaking my life apart, inspecting it piece by piece under a microscope, and vowing to live the next half of my life much differently than the first if only to be an inspiration to my children.  I don’t recommend doing this all at once, as I did, as it really rocks the world of those around you and once it’s out it can’t be stuffed back in.  I know this…I tried!  I’m still working on it but I love my life so much more these days as I make a conscious effort to live authentically in hopes that my children will do the same.

Wishing you well.


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