Lori ~ A Vision Board Story


I have been making vision boards since 2010.  Be careful what you include on your board because you just might get it!

I did a vision board during a work trip to San Francisco in April 2012.  It was very rushed and I wasn’t all that focused on what I was doing.  I included some things I wanted but I also put some things I knew I would NEVER get in a million years!  I was trying to fill the space so that I could be done with the project.  I was single at the time and had lost all hope of ever having a relationship that would lead to marriage and kids.  I put a picture of a mom and dad and two kids at Disney world on my board.  They were all standing together for a picture and the two kids had on the Mickey Mouse Ear Hats.  I did not even want this or dream of this.  I also put a picture of a children’s room.  Again – nothing I wanted – just trying to fill space and I did like the picture of the room.

In June 2013, I went to Disney with my boyfriend (started dating in January 2013), his daughter, her two cousins, and his parents.  This was barely a year after I slapped this picture onto a vision board – and I was single!  We have many pictures all together and even pictures with the Mickey Mouse Ear Hats.  His parents took us all on a trip for a week! I also now have a “girls bedroom” in the house.

I married my husband in October 2016.  He gave me the engagement ring that I had on another vision board that I really put a lot of time and effort into.  He never saw my board or had any idea that I had THE RING that he chose for me already picked out!!  The one on my vision board was Tiffany and the one he got me was not a Tiffany but it is almost the exact same style as the one that I had dreamed of (and if I would admit it – I never felt worthy enough to have the ring I wanted…. who would ever want to give me something so extravagant??)  I don’t feel that way now but that is where I was when I added the beautiful diamond ring to my board.  🙂

I have many, many instances where the dreams I glued to a vision board came true – this or something better.  Too many things to list!!  Even things that I didn’t really want came true!  I guess I must have put my attention on them so they manifested.  Vision boards are a great way to dream even if you feel like what you are dreaming for is definitely never going to be an option.  IT IS ALWAYS GOING TO BE AN OPTION!! I didn’t even believe in the beginning and the things I had on my board just came to me…  I am definitely a believer now!


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