A Magic Wand


What kind of life would YOU love living?  YOU!  Not your family.  Not your friends.  Not society.


If you had a magic wand.  What would you create for yourself?  What would your life look like?

What would YOU love?

What brings YOU life?

What do YOU want to do or be or have in this life?

Think about it…really…let your imagination run wild…

Most of us, when we think about what we really want, start with what we think would fit into our lives based on:

our credentials

family expectations

societal expectations

our present circumstances

the economy

our bank account…

It’s time to start asking different questions, bigger questions.

Howard Thurman advised “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Your desires are as unique as your thumbprint.

What do YOU desire?

What would fill YOU to the brim?

What would your life look like?

your health and well-being

your relationships

your vocation and/or creative expression in the world

your time/money freedom

What would you love to be or do or have or create or experience?

And what else and what else and what else…

Discover. Empower. Balance.

Shine Brightly,


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Lori ~ A Vision Board Story


I have been making vision boards since 2010.  Be careful what you include on your board because you just might get it!

I did a vision board during a work trip to San Francisco in April 2012.  It was very rushed and I wasn’t all that focused on what I was doing.  I included some things I wanted but I also put some things I knew I would NEVER get in a million years!  I was trying to fill the space so that I could be done with the project.  I was single at the time and had lost all hope of ever having a relationship that would lead to marriage and kids.  I put a picture of a mom and dad and two kids at Disney world on my board.  They were all standing together for a picture and the two kids had on the Mickey Mouse Ear Hats.  I did not even want this or dream of this.  I also put a picture of a children’s room.  Again – nothing I wanted – just trying to fill space and I did like the picture of the room.

In June 2013, I went to Disney with my boyfriend (started dating in January 2013), his daughter, her two cousins, and his parents.  This was barely a year after I slapped this picture onto a vision board – and I was single!  We have many pictures all together and even pictures with the Mickey Mouse Ear Hats.  His parents took us all on a trip for a week! I also now have a “girls bedroom” in the house.

I married my husband in October 2016.  He gave me the engagement ring that I had on another vision board that I really put a lot of time and effort into.  He never saw my board or had any idea that I had THE RING that he chose for me already picked out!!  The one on my vision board was Tiffany and the one he got me was not a Tiffany but it is almost the exact same style as the one that I had dreamed of (and if I would admit it – I never felt worthy enough to have the ring I wanted…. who would ever want to give me something so extravagant??)  I don’t feel that way now but that is where I was when I added the beautiful diamond ring to my board.  🙂

I have many, many instances where the dreams I glued to a vision board came true – this or something better.  Too many things to list!!  Even things that I didn’t really want came true!  I guess I must have put my attention on them so they manifested.  Vision boards are a great way to dream even if you feel like what you are dreaming for is definitely never going to be an option.  IT IS ALWAYS GOING TO BE AN OPTION!! I didn’t even believe in the beginning and the things I had on my board just came to me…  I am definitely a believer now!


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Michele ~ A Vision Board Story


I am a big believer in vision boards and try and do one every year.  I think they really have helped me to get clear on my goals and stay focused.  I usually create one with pictures on poster board, take a picture of it and then use it as a screen saver on my phone so that I see it many times daily.  It really is a great reminder of what I want to stay focused on.

Mary Michele Nidiffer

Master Style Coach + Founder, StyleFinder

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Susan ~ A Vision Board Story


My Franklin Planner was my first vision board.  It was portable and went with me everywhere.  I was living in New York at the time.  The first two pages were plastic inserts that held 12 photos.  It had pictures of Kauai with all of its lush greenery, beautiful mountains and gorgeous ocean.  As well as pictures of what my office looked like with a teak desk.

I looked at these images throughout each day and FELT them.  I pictured myself IN them until I was feeling them in real life.

I lived in Hawaii for 5 years – 3 years in Kauai and 2 in Maui.  The photo above is from my health club on Kauai (where Pierce Brosnan worked out).  It had lovely ocean and mountain facing views.  And, I got the teak desk too!


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Tracy ~ A Vision Board Story


In late 2008 I created a different kind of Vision Board.  It was a very specific board created for a very specific outcome.  It was all about the birth of my 2nd child, the one I was carrying at the time.  I filled the board with pictures of all that I desired the second time around.  Sleeping babies and mothers, happy babies and mothers, healthy babies and mothers, and more importantly, positive affirmations and messages about the natural birth I so desired. I even included the name of the doctor, my doulas and the desired due date.

I created this board to heal from my first birth.  The birth of my son, my first born, shook me to the core.  Read about his Grand Entrance here.

I was a prime candidate, they said, for uterine rupture if I attempted a natural birth.  The doctors, the data, the caring friends and family, all urged me to schedule another c-section.  I took all of these facts and listened to the Truth inside of me.  Despite my fear, I did it anyway.  I listened to the still, small voice inside of me, created a Vision Board and studied it intently for months.  Morning, noon and night until the day came – January 14, 2009.

My baby girl was born naturally, drug free, in 4 hours from first contraction to birth.  It was beautiful, healing and empowering.  I owe it all to my Vision Board, my doulas and my husband who believed I could.  xo

Discover. Empower. Balance.

Be Well,


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Photo Credit:   Jennifer Haygood  http://jbhaygoodphotography.com/

New Year New Vision Board


The days of creating New Year’s Resolutions are over for me.  I spent so many years creating them and then being completely disappointed in my failure to follow through with what I thought I wanted.

Now, I create a yearly Vision Board.

The Vision Board is a daily reminder of my intentions.  A visual reminder of what I truly desire in my life.    It is less about things and more about creation.  What I want to create for myself and my family.

I still include things in my board.  But, they are more of a marker rather than filling a hole as they were in the past.

They remind me:

That I am on the right track.

That I am living my life by choice.

That I am a powerful force in my life.

A true Vision Board is not a craft project.  It’s not a cut and paste activity although I’ve seen some delightful Vision Board creations.  Some true works of art.

It’s much, much more.  A Vision Board, created with inner inquiry and intention, is a powerful tool in creating what we truly desire.  It’s a decision to live life by design rather than by the default mode we may have been used to up until now.

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Here’s to 2017!  The best year of your life!


Discover. Empower. Balance.

Be Well,


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